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Self-Care for Lawyers: Recommended Wellness Gadgets and Bio Hacks

Self-Care for Lawyers: Recommended Wellness Gadgets and Bio Hacks

Self-care is a constant need, especially if you suffer from chronic pain or take medication. In this article, we recommend a few gadgets and bio hacks that lawyers can use to take care of themselves.

Do you experience tight knots in your back? The Thumbby might be the perfect solution for you. Unlike a sports ball, it stays in place and feels like someone is digging their thumb into your muscles. This device can help work out any tension you may have in your back.

One of my favorite devices for managing pain and sports injuries is the FlexBeam. I've injured my right shoulder several times, and the FlexBeam has worked wonders. When I first tried it, I'll never forget the feeling I got of blood rushing to my fingers. My whole arm was numb prior to using this machine. This device is also helpful for carpal tunnel and has no side effects. As the instructions suggest, don't place it on a tumor, and don't stare into the red light! It includes black out glasses you can wear for safety.

Another essential item is a good ice pack, and Body Ice is the best. My physical therapist recommended it, and it's malleable enough to wrap around injuries for the ultimate support.

We all know the importance of eating a well-balanced diet, but that's not always possible, especially if you've been prescribed medication that is hard on your digestive tract. In such cases, George's Aloe might be helpful. My nutritionist prescribed it for my leaky gut years ago, and I turn to it whenever I feel symptoms coming on. There are no side effects, and it tastes just like water. Drinking a little cup of it every day can help your organs heal.

In addition, I take Nordic Natural's Pro EPA fish oils, a natural anti-inflammatory agent, to supplement my diet. Fish oils can also help with emotion regulation; I typically take three of these a day.

Lastly, if you find that you get sick frequently, it might be time for an immunity boost. Bio Schwarz's Immunity Boost was recommended to me by one of my advisors, who is also a cancer survivor. She swears by these. With my little girl in daycare, I used to get sick all the time. But since I started taking Immunity Boost, I've hardly gotten sick anymore. My little girl seems to be getting sick less often too. An immunity boost might be an excellent solution for keeping your family healthy if you have small children. I take three a day.

I hope these tips are helpful to you. Remember to stay calm and take good care. You deserve it.

What are your favorite wellness gadgets or bio hacks?

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