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Happy Halloween, everyone! 👻🎃 New Testimonial!

Happy Halloween, everyone! 👻🎃 New Testimonial!

This Halloween we were graced with a new testimonial from Jacob Malafsky, Supervising Attorney at Queens Legal Services.

We asked him four key questions.

This is what he had to say:

  • Question 1: "How has our keyboard helped you?"
  • JM: " I cannot imagine a world without the keyboard now. It saves me so much time at work. I love the look and feel of it. I constantly promote it to colleagues and hopefully, some will bite soon."
  • Question 2: "Did we help you save money?"
  • JM: "Since I work for a non-profit, it has not saved me any money. I am an eviction defense attorney in NYC, working under the Right to Counsel Law. However, the keyboard has saved me a significant amount of time in my day and gives me the ability to supervise my attorneys better, as well as write my own motions and stipulations."
  • Question 3: "Did we make your life easier?"
  • JM: "You have made my life a lot easier. I am able to edit papers and write stipulations must faster. A rough estimate would be about 25%."
  • Question 4: "Any last thoughts on how we can make it better?"
  • JM: "I would prefer a cordless version, however, other than that I find the keyboard perfect. I will say that that your website was difficult for me to find and I feel like I randomly stumbled upon it after a lot of research. I think promoting the keyboard on more legal pages and/or amazon could help with traffic. I tried the LegalBoard (a competitor) and I find this keyboard superior in every way. I think other lawyers have only bought the LegalBoard because it is so easy to find or randomly stumble across."

What incredible feedback!

Our website has been live for two months now, and our reach is improving by the day.

If you're a legal tech writer/journalist and would like to learn more about our legal keyboards, please reach out. We'd be happy to send you a sample, so you can help us get the word out!

Happy Halloween everyone 👻🎃!

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