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LegalType Press Release

LegalType Press Release


LegalType Legal Keyboard | Mechanical Keyboard for Lawyers and Legal Professionals | Legal Symbols | International Currencies | CryptoCalifornia
By Polyglotte
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Polyglotte Launches the First Mechanical Keyboard For Lawyers

Delivers dramatic cost savings and ergonomic benefits

SANTA CLARA, CA — Today, Polyglotte, a company specializing in patented multilingual keyboards, announced the launch of the first adaptable smart keyboard for lawyers. LegalType offers lawyers the ability to type legal briefs in a fraction of time and money.

“I’ve looked at other legal keyboards and they’re designed either by or for litigators. LegalType is the only one I’ve seen that was easily customizable. It worked well when I got it, but after my customizations, it’s even faster and easier than dictation, and I don’t have to hire a transcriptionist,” said Cassady Toles, an Oakland-based transactional attorney.

LegalType features include:

  • shortcuts for Word and Outlook
  • frequently used Unicode symbols (i.e. § ¶ Δ π © ® ™)
  • international and crypto currency symbols (i.e. ¥ € £ Ξ ₿)
  • programmable firmware keyboard
  • software-only solution for laptops

“I was inspired to create LegalType, because lawyers were instrumental in making my life today possible. I built this technology so that lawyers can spend more time doing important work, as opposed to struggling with their keyboards,” said Polyglotte CEO, Daniela Semeco.

Venezuela-born Daniela gained a deep appreciation for the lawyers she met while eating at soup kitchens in San Francisco. That’s where she met the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights, who gave her the opportunity to build a new life as an inventor.

LegalType is available at for $155. A keycap set is $55, and a digital download is $9.99.

About Polyglotte: Polyglotte specializes in producing patented multilingual keyboards for a more productive workforce. These keyboards deliver high efficiency at a fraction of the cost for industries including: contact centers, legal professionals, airlines and hospitality. You can learn more and enter the giveaway at


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